The Trunk

1st new post on new blog site. Hopefully this will be at least my main blog site for awhile. Never really been consisten with my sites, but so far I like it here. So here's a lovely short story birthed from a prompt that I entitle 'The Trunk.'



How I wish I had known what was in the trunk of my car. Personally it was my fault. Last night was shitty. I mean I'm 28, and my friend took me to a high school dance he was made to chaperone. He propositioned me by, "If I'm gonna be stuck babysitting these horny brats, you're going down with me..." Instead of me going out to a real club or bar like a person my age should do, I got stuck watching teens grind on each other like the pedo I felt like throughout that night. The night passed and I was awaken by the sun. I guess a couple flasks too many that were hidden under my friend's coat from the night had left me a massive migraine. Awaken though to where I was by the next morning's sun, I apparently parked my car on the beach. Whatever happened at the dance and where my friend was is what I would give a shit about later as I started my car to get off the beach. Reversing, I felt a large thump in my car. Stopping, I got out to look around. Checking around the back of my car, my trunk door was slightly ajar. Opening up to check what might be there after my hazy night, I had found my friend slumped in a lifeless position. Coming back to me, I thought, "Dammit, how am I suppose to explain his alcohol poisoning and trace amounts of my DNA inside of him to his family?"




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